You’re not looking all to happy to be mine right now tbh


I think the Warden should have just led with this at the Landsmeet…


Completed Inquisitor cosplay by SKSProps - wow amazing..


the united states of america is fucking horrific and repulsive and people have every right to shit talk it but leave fat people out of it and stop acting like having fat people makes the usa a bad place, when you could focus on idk literally everything else


Craig Boone and Joshua Graham for Dragon Con 2014 http://ift.tt/1AsHL5D

French Friend: well, the total cost of me going to Med school is about 406 a year -
American Friend: THOUSAND?
French Friend: Um, no. 406 Euro. It sounds a little high but it covers the cost of my textbooks, extra classes and most of my housing. How much is it for you?
Draw your Inquisitor.
Limit 2 Inquisitors per person (this is gonna be HUGE).
Digital, traditional, doesn’t matter. Just make it full body, if you can.
Colors are preferable, but not necessary.
If done digitally, transparent background would be ideal.
If traditional, scan or photograph your drawing.
Submit your finished drawing here
We will post your drawing with the artist tagged, and then add your image to the drawing
Every week, we’ll post updates to the full image
October 7th, we’ll show it to the Devs!


I’m a senior design student at university, and have had a few internships and some freelance work. My mom calls me to tell me about how she got an artist to do character paintings for her for the book she’s writing. 

Client: Oh my god you should see these pictures he did, they’re so freaking beautiful!

Me: Send them to me, I’d love to see!

Client: He only let me preview them. I can’t have them until I’ve paid him $1200. It’s so damn expensive.

Me: Aw, well that’s usually how it works. You gotta pay the rest of the deposit.

Client: Hey, why don’t I give you the login information and you take a picture of the preview and redo it for me so I don’t have to pay!

Me: Welp.


when i was 3 i insisted on having this picture taken